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Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI)

Reinvent your enterprise IT with intelligent automation driven by AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics to future proof your business

BMC’s Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) solutions deliver on the promise of the self-managing mainframe by predicting and solving problems before they impact your customers, and taking swift action to avoid impact to performance, cost, and service levels.

Key elements of a self-managing mainframe

Implementing a self-managing mainframe goes beyond patching process holes with one-off automation products. Building the modern mainframe requires:

  • Data visualization with modern user experiences, fed by data discovery and multiple data sources
  • Predictive analytics, driven by pattern analysis algorithms that detect anomalies and analyze their impact
  • Root-cause analysis enabled by rapid problem determination based on machine learning
  • Prescribed remediation based on the prevailing conditions and events
  • Intelligent automation to keep the environment running securely and at peak efficiency
Self Managing Mainframe
Modern, Agile Mainframe

Drive a modern, agile business

According to Gartner, 30 percent of data centers that fail to apply AI and machine learning effectively in support of enterprise business will cease to be operationally and economically viable by 2020. But today’s mainframe teams often face staffing and skills challenges in these areas.

AMI automatically manages, diagnoses, heals, and optimizes your mainframe to ensure the highest availability and performance at the lowest possible cost. With AMI you can free up teams to work on high value projects, such as deploying new customer services.

AMI employs these key AI technologies:

  • Machine learning to quickly analyze large amounts of historical data and fuel predictive analytics that prevent or resolve problems, and attach business impact to issues resolved or avoided
  • Intelligent automation with integrated domain expertise that anticipates and remedies issues when they arise, without the need for manual intervention

Investing in AI and machine learning without connecting it to intelligent automation is an incomplete approach. You would still need to maintain a highly skilled technical staff and data scientists to interpret data, identify root causes, and define the correct manual steps to implement on your mainframe. AMI marries AI and machine learning with intellgent automation to optimize your investment.

Connect your mainframe to your enterprise

Instead of deploying older technologies and silos of automation, AMI lets you leverage the modern technologies that free up your staff time and make mainframe management more efficient. It helps you break down silos between your mainframe and the broader enterprise with connectors to enterprise operations and analytics tools. You can manage end-to-end application performance and run real-time, predictive analytics on the mainframe.

BMC AMI Data Extractor for IMS is a connector that allows you to move IMS data into enterprise analytics engines and security information and event management (SIEM) for real-time analysis.

Connect Your Mainframe to the Enterprise

Getting started with Automated Mainframe Intelligence is easy